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Funky Orange - Pilot's Club edition.

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  • Dimensions
    •Length: 3,40 m
    •Height: 1,40 m
    •Width (tilt angle 0-25°): 1,30 m
    •Width (max. tilt angle - 45°): 1,60 m
    •Wheel base: 2,70 m
    •Fuel tank capacity for Jet Pack Range Extender: 34 litres
    •Unladen mass: 643 kg
    •Maximum permissible mass: 841 kg

    •Standard 230V and ChaDeMo
    •Empty to full in 3hours and 45 minutes at standard 230V/13A
    •Empty to full in 30 minutes at 400V/32A

    Wheels, tyres, suspension and brakes
    •Wheels: 5-spoke alloy
    •Front: 4.0 MT x 17
    •Rear: 6.5J x 15
    •Tyre front: 140/70 R17 66H
    •Tyres rear: 195/45 R15 78V
    •Brakes: discs on all wheels
    •Front suspension: single-arm with hydraulic shock absorption
    •Rear suspension: McPherson suspension with rear-wheel steering

    •Top speed: 156 km/h
    •Acceleration 0-100 km/h: in 6,0 sec
    •Maximal tilt angle: 45°
    •Maximal tilt speed: 85°/sec
    •Turning circle (curb to curb): 9,5 m
    •Battery pack: 12kWh Lithium Manganese
    •Battery pack performance: 8C discharge in 15 seconds and 2C charge
    •Cycle life: 80 % of original capacity after 2000 full cycle
    •Battery warranty: 80 % of original capacity after 300.000 km or 3 years
    •Motor AC rated (nominal) power: 75kW
    •Motor max power: 110Kw peak
    •Maximal torque: 160 Nm
    •Estimated Range based on US FTP 75 urban cycle: 150km
    •Estimated Range based on European NEDC cycle: 120km
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